Technical Center "Obshemash", LLC was founded in 2008.

Company profile: engineering company specializing in the development and implementation of new energy technologies.

Completed projects:

1. The development, patenting and production of organic waste mobile granulation line  MLG-11 "Forward" (no analogues in the world);

2. The development, patenting and production of mobile lines for seamless, continuous & composite magistral pipes MLPMT-12 «Dynamic Line» (no world analogues);

 3. The development, patenting and production of  hydrodynamic heat generators TGT-5;

4. The development, patenting and manufacture of equipment and components for the conversion of passenger transport on pneumatic actuator.

5. Engenieering design projects in bio-energy, energy, vehicles, etc.

Participation in the programs of bioenergy development in Ukraine and the world. Constructive cooperation with manufacturers, modernization and introduction of new biofuel technologies and energy generation. Management in concession projects and local organizations heating, the transition to alternative fuels and energy-efficient technologies. Solid biofuels export around the Globe.